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Friday, 14 July 2017

Tour De JoJo

Warning: This blog post contains a rare photo of me naturally smiling with my teeth on show, read on with caution. 

Today's outfit is more fitting than I planned as I completely forgot Tour De France was going on at the minute! I must have been subconsciously influenced by it to wear this unitard, although you won't be catching me riding a bike any time soon...

I actually had quite a lot of fun with this outfit, I don't tend to wear unitards because I'm a tad bit short and I felt that they always made me look stumpy. But the fit was actually really great (I've found that with everything I've got from Pretty Little Thing in all honesty). I think that the waist cincher breaks the outfit up and also makes it a bit more daring, along with the choker too. I am really loving Deandri and their products because they're all vegan, including the massive chunky heels! It means I can wear my beloved ring chokers, harnesses and belts without worrying. Also, peek the tiny bows on the back of my socks - how cute are they?!

*Waist Cincher - Deandri
*Shoes - Deandri
Socks - These were a gift (yes my mom still buys me socks)

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